About Us

About Us

DIAMOND SECURITY SYSTEMS, LLC is a professional security video systems and accessories wholesaler providing a full range of surveillance equipment to the US market.

After years of servicing all of California, working with business, residence and government customers, we decided on a change of pace. We wanted to stay local but with the CCTV market growing so rapidly, it wasn’t a good idea to limit ourselves by staying close to Sacramento.

In our combined 30 years of CCTV and home theater installation, we learned that the one thing that was missing from our area was a large-scale distribution center, a “hands on” showroom. All of our the suppliers were located in southern California or China. If we needed a camera, it was going to have to wait a few days before we could finish the job. That is no good for anyone.

So that is when we got the idea to create this “dealer centric” showroom. Located centrally in the capital of this great state, accessible for everyone, welcoming all to come down and use the products, see how they work. We love helping people, and offering suggestions to those who need them, we want to be the distributor we always hoped to find.

Our main goal is to make the whole experience of buying the right equipment for the job; easy, stress less, and profitable for everyone involved. We want the dealers and the end user to come away from the situation feeling more informed and even smarter from the process.

Our staff are hand picked from experienced installers therefore they can offer valuable advice on your requirement and help you avoid costly mistakes. We are confident we can help you with all of your low voltage needs. Please feel free to call us if you are not sure what equipment is suitable for you purpose.